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For parts inquiry’s please ring us on 02882841859 or else send us an email with all your cars details and full description of the parts required and one of our parts team will try and answer you inquiry as quickly and efficiently as we can.

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We are professional suppliers of both used and new Vauxhall Opel parts. We are based in the village of Fintona in Northern Ireland. Fintona Auto Spares has over 25 years experience in dismantling and selling new parts for the Vauxhall / Opel range, supplying parts all around the UK and Ireland.

Here are just some of the new and used parts in stock and available for order


We are based in the small town of Fintona, located in Co Tyrone.

We can offer 24 till 48 hour delivery any where in the UK and Ireland. read more

We supply vast quantise of both new and used Vauxhall / Opel ECU’s and Modules.

We carry in stock an excellent range of both Genuine Vauxhall and high quality aftermarket parts. All our used parts have to pass a quality control check. After this process all the good parts are carefully labelled and shelved for re-sale. This process insures a professional and efficient survice.

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As the modern day Vauxhall motor car has advanced technology wise so has our very own dismantling methods. Cars such as the new Vectra C, Astra H and New Zafira are now using CAN Bus technology ( controller area network ). This means that a lot of the ECU’s, diesel pumps, dash clocks , CIM ‘s and body control modules are all programmed to the cars electrics and immobliser’s. This means that the cars electrics are of no use unless they have been reset ( put to sleep ) by the correct diagnostic equipment such as tech 2 Vetronix equipment. This is now the procedure we follow out as soon as a modern Vauxhall comes in to our premises for dismantling. This guarantees that all the Electrical components can be reused. For more information on reset electrical components check out the ecu/electrics part of our web site.

This is a list of the Vauxhalls and Opels that we stock parts for and dismantle

Astra Mk1, M2, Mk3, Mk4 and Mk5
Cavalier all models
Corsa B,C and D
Frontera A and B
Midi Van
Vectra B and C

We also keep some parts for them much loved older Vauxhalls and Opels

Manta / Ascona
Senator / Carlton / Monza

Gear Boxes

4 speed F10
5 speed F10 F13 F15 F17 F18 F20 F23
6 speed F28

RWD 5 Speed Omega, Manta, Carleton also Automatic boxes

New Parts

Panels - Bonnets, Wings, Doors, Tailgates, Front Panels, Rear panels, Sill Panels, Quarter Panels etc

Glass - All screens , mirrors glass etc

Electrical components - Airflow meters, Valves, Idle control, Oxygen Sensors, Coil Packs, Alternators, Starters

Suspension - Shocks, Springs, Wishbones, BallJoints

Accessories - Tow Bars, Spoilers, Side Skirts etc

Lights - Headlamps, Fogs, Tails, Indicators etc


Full range of bumpers including some sports models

Interiors - Seats, Sports interiors, including SRI and GSI, Airbag kits and dashboards available

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